Retin A Body Cream

Retin A is a wonderful anti wrinkle cream which not helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and creases but also effectively treats acne, white heads, black heads and many other skin blemishes. Retin A for wrinkles has been credited as a miracle product both by dermatologists and consumers that fairs well on its promise of delivering young and youthful looking glowing skin.

Your skin will never look so smooth and youthful with any other beauty cream as with this anti ageing cream derived from one of the best antioxidant, vitamin A for youthful appearance. Retin A for wrinkles has been observed and concluded to be the only medicine on the market that's actually proven to boost collagen production, which decreases with age.

This anti wrinkle cream has been made from tretinoin popularly known as retinoic acid, a derivative of vitamin A. This powerful ingredient can effectively reduce wrinkles in as less time as 6 weeks to give a vibrant looking young skin. No wonder the many so called expensive anti ageing creams available in the market boast of retinoic acid the most in their long list of ingredients.

Now you must be wondering what retin A does to the skin for its vibrant and glowing appeal that is unmatchable by any other medicine or skin care product. Well in simple words and to cut the long story short, The retinoic acid present in Retin A cream acts as antioxidant which tends to boost the supply of blood to the skin.

The enhanced blood supply thereby increases the turn over of the skin cells at a much faster rate, making new cells come to surface of the skin while removing all dead skin cells. This process then gives a smooth and shinning look to the skin which is soft and silky to touch and feel.

In lesser concentrations retin A cream has been shown effective for treating acne and other skin break outs problems. While 0.5% retin A is used as an anti wrinkle cream to reduce fine lines, 0.1% of retin A cream is prescribed to treat pimples and adult acne.

For retin A to be effective, you must use it regularly on a cleansed face preferable at night time for better absorption and effect. You must avoid the eye area while applying this cream to avoid any complication or serious side effect. Always use a moisturizer along with this cream as this anti ageing cream can cause excessive dryness in many individuals.

retin a body cream

Acne Face Cream

Frustration. Embarrassment. Insecurity. Discomfort. People who suffer from acne can suffer severely from the negative feelings associated with their condition. More and more, we are learning that apart from physical discomfort, the negative mental discomfort of acne sufferers can leave scars too. Myths that perpetuate regarding acne - that it is associated with poor cleanliness or poor diet - can aggravate an already frustrating situation for those with problem skin. That acne is only a problem of teenagers is inaccurate, many adults having experienced acne for the first time only after having reached adulthood. That acne sufferers have no recourse or treatment for their condition, that they must "let it run its course", is also, thankfully, a myth.Effective acne treatment begins with recognition of the causes of acne. The skin of the face, neck, shoulders, back and chest sometimes produce too much of a substance known as sebum; this overproduction, and the plugging of the pores of the skin that it causes is one cause of acne. The shedding of dead skin cells and bacteria present on the surface of the skin also stimulate the development of acne. Cleaning, to reduce sebum, exfoliating to remove dead skin cells, and moisturizing to balance the skin are, therefore, the key components in minimizing the appearance of acne. DermaBalance acne control lotion serves to make the cleaning and exfoliating steps as effective as possible. Developed by specialists in dermatology and cosmetology, DermaBalance acne control treatment is designed to be used to thoroughly clean and exfoliate skin as part of a daily skin treatment program. The primary active ingredient that makes DermaBalance acne control so effective is its 2% salicylic acid content. Salicylic acid, when used in small amounts, encourages the cells of the skin to shed more easily, thereby preventing the build-up of dead skin cells, the overproduction of sebum, and the aggravation of problem skin.As part of a balanced and regular skin cleansing routine, DermaBalance acne control lotion keeps skin cleansed of contaminants, helping users look better and feel better about themselves. After gently and thoroughly cleaning and exfoliating the skin of the face, neck, shoulders and chest with DermaBalance acne control lotion and warm water, the pores of the skin are cleared and ready for moisturizing with a mild lotion that moisturizes without adding the aggravator, sebum, to the surface of the skin. As they notice the difference that a balanced skin cleansing routine and the use of effective products make, users can begin to heal the internal scars that negative emotions associated with acne have caused. To take care of oneself on the outside, to take pride one s personal appearance, is one of the first steps to gaining a positive self image and good self esteem. DermaBalance acne control is proud to play a role in helping acne sufferers win the battle of problem skin.To get more details on the DermaBalance acne control therapy, and other skin care products, visit DermaBalance.

acne face cream

Face Cream For Acne

A skin problem ought to never define that you are as an individual, nevertheless, when specific skin conditions aren't dealt with properly they seem to be to take over your character, your social talents, as well as even your self-respect. One such skin condition is acne breakouts.

A pimple is formed when many elements correspond. If a pore is clogged at that point acne breakouts germs, which is ordinarily identified on the skin's surface starts to multiply as well as create an immune reaction. This counteraction pressures white blood cells to attack the infection leading to an incendiary reaction. This reaction should just be soothed with unique acne breakouts solutions as well as person acne breakouts treatments.

3 major elements add to acne breakouts development.

* Overactive Sebaceous Glands: Sebaceous glandulars develop sebum which is had to lube the skin's surface. When the body creates excess oil it stays in the pore, blocking out the sebaceous duct as well as developing a clog within the tresses follicle. This over-production is maintained under control by using specific organic acne breakouts solutions.

* Abnormal Shedding of Skin Cells: dead skin cells are consistently being shed with a process called desquamation. In acne breakouts vulnerable skin this process thought of unusual when creating 4 to 5 times even more skin cells than in healthy skin. This can be dealt with by using a skin therapy or skincare cream that assists exfoliate excess skin cells. Read all about Acnehealth.Com at

* Proliferation of Microorganisms: The majority of skin includes a germs called Propionibacteria acnes (P. acnes). When pores are shut as well as packed with fragments as well as sebum the P. acnes will definitely locate itself in right ailments to prosper as well as occupy. This is not something that is regulated by washing your skin even more frequently. You have to locate unique skin treatment items that can help. If an acne breakouts breakout is not dealt with properly it could lead to acne breakouts scarring. More on this subject at

Any frequent manufactured acne breakouts therapy is mostly chemical substance rich as well as costly. Nonetheless, not everyone is prepared to get rid of their challenging obtained cash or their health. If you're seeking something different at that point you could take into account a normal skin treatment cream that is made by using active ingredients identified in Attributes.

It looks like every day a new organic component is being found out as well as included in to skin treatment items, nevertheless, just because it's organic does not suggest it's effective. In order to locate the right organic component for skin condition you have to locate items that contain active ingredients qualified of assisting replacement harmed cells as well as protecting against future scar formation.

face cream for acne

Rough Bumps On Face

There are probably a small number of teenagers who do not want to know how to treat acne, pimples. This common skin condition is characterized by the formation of cysts, bumps, pustules, blackheads, or whiteheads on the face, neck, chest, or back. The worst part is that these growths, commonly known as zits or pimples, can leave scars on the skin. Acne, especially the facial acne, is really very upsetting and can cause emotional problems and affect the self-image of a person. Moreover, this is a persistent condition, when one starts to go away, another one pops up.

Acne most frequently occurs in adolescent boys and girls, but can affect people of any age. It tends to run in families. Some other possible risk factors include hormonal changes, use of oily or greasy cosmetic and hair products, and sweating. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest challenges that most teenagers face is how to treat acne, pimples. Do not pick, rub, or squeeze your acne. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face. You need to stay away from oily or greasy cosmetics and hair product. Avoid too much washing and scrubbing of your face. Do not forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. Also, use clean sheets and pillow cases.

Shampoo and clean your hair regularly and try to follow the rule "always keep your hair off your face". Avoid wearing tight clothes and hats. Both over-the-counter and prescription medications are available to treat this skin condition. There are several cosmetic procedures that can help you get rid of your acne, including chemical skin peeling, microdermabrasion, and laser therapy. Acne scars can be removed using procedures like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, soft tissue fillers, light therapy and a skin surgery known as punch excision.

Natural remedies are considered to be an excellent solution to the problem of how to treat acne, pimples. The main advantage of using natural remedies for treating acne is that most of them are simple, cost-effective, and easily available. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it on your face. Wait for two or three minutes and then rinse it off with clean water. Another means to treat acne is to mix apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:3 and put this mixture on the affected area for about 10 minutes.

Garlic, a common kitchen ingredient, is a best cure for acne. Take two garlic cloves, mash them to a pulp, and rub the garlic juice on and around your acne. Allow it to remain there for five minutes. Wash your face with clean water. Do it daily until your pimples are gone. Make a mixture of three teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and apply this blend on your pimples. Leave it there overnight and rinse it off in the next morning with warm water. Applying vitamin E oil is a good way to reduce your pimples. You can also use aloe vera gel, tea tree essential oil or Oregon grape to eliminate acne. Taking an Epsom salt bath is an effective remedy for body acne.

rough bumps on face

Keratosis Pilaris Arm

Are you searching for the best way to lose that extra arm fat? To achieve this you will have to use some weights . No doubt there are many various other ways too, I think you really ought to know.. I am going to reveal just four top secrets how to shed that fat from your arms!!

1 Lifting weights

I mentioned you must lift weights if you wish to get rid of arm fat . I would advise you to buy a pair of dumbbells so you can perform these easy workouts at home . Even watching television at home you can perform this! the great thing about this is you can easily stay in a good routine of weight lifting doing this in the comfort of your home.

2 Aerobic workouts

Doing the aerobic exercises will help you to shed some weight off from your entire body as well as your arm. . In case you are fat, you might not wish to go out for workout like jogging. Another alternative is you to go walking in the comfort of your home on the treadmill exercise while enjoy watching television or listening to some music at the same time!

3 Eat chicken without skin

Chicken will provide you with protein, bear in mind it should be skinless, there is much less fat in skinless chicken. when your body gets that protein, it will help to build up muscles and boost up your metabolism rate. This will no doubt help you lose arm fat much faster.

4 Calorie shifting diet plan

To boost up your metabolism you need to use the calorie shifting diet. For this you have to be aware of what kind of diet will help you to lose the extra fat. . You need to be determined to stay on this type of diet, if you want the real results.

I do not recommend that you take any weight loss pills or supplements unless prescribed by your doctor. Instead I would encourage you to find a healthy and balanced diet program by an experienced nutrition specialist that is combined with workout routines to help you losing weight. Finding a good diet and workout program is essential to help you to lose weight from all over the body as well as the arms. There are many programs out there that are available online. However, only few provide valuable and useful comprehensive information that can help you lose weight easily and effectively. Visit our website to find more information about these programs and read our review of the top ones that are available online. Also will find a lot of helpful resources including articles and videos- if you are slim and searching only to lose fat from your arms.

keratosis pilaris arm

Keratosis Pilaris Help

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keratosis pilaris help

Keratosis Pilaris Lactic Acid

Well, almost each and everyone has some other the time in their adolescent suffered from acne vulgaris, commonly called pimples. What is acne exactly? Our skin especially, over the face has a structure called as the pilo-sebaceous unit [skin structures consisting of a hair follicle and its associated sebaceous gland]. It contains the hair follicle and the sebum gland along with its duct. Now, the function of sebum gland is to secrete sebum which then gets expressed on the skin surface. It has got some antibacterial property. Sebum is oily in consistency and if there is increased expression of sebum then it might block the opening of the pilo-sebaceous duct. Due to this there is no drainage from the duct and this leads to the development of comedones. They are initially white, also called as white comedones and later they form black comedones. These comedones eventually lead to the formation of pimples. The most common site is the face though you do get them on the neck, back and chest. Usually associated with dandruff/seborrhic dermatitis but then dandruff is not a causative factor, at least that s what the doctors have to say till date. People with oily skin are more prone to get acne. Other causes are: - family history - Hormonal activity like menstruation or puberty which is associated with increased levels of hormones. - Stress - Improper diet - Hyperactivity of sebum gland - Bacteria [Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) is the anaerobic bacterium that causes acne] - Use of anabolic steroids

Why is acne so dreaded? Well the worst part about the acne is that they often leave behind a scar which is very much detested. These scars are more commonly known as blemishes. Adolescent age group is socially very vulnerable and so this [Acne] can be a cause of depression amongst them with a few documented proofs of suicide.

However acne is usually self limiting disease and shouldn t be troublesome after one crosses 25 years of age.

It has been documented that newly diagnosed acne patients have low levels of vitamin A in their blood. There is an also decreased level of vitamin E So how do we tackle acne? This can be done in the following ways: normalizing shedding into the pore to prevent blockage killing P. acnes anti-inflammatory effects hormonal manipulation Though the exact mode of action of Retin-A [Tretinoin] is not known, recent studies suggest that topical Retin-A decreases cohesiveness of follicular epithelial cells with decreased microcomedo formation. Also, tretinoin stimulates mitotic activity and increased turnover of follicular epithelial cells causing extrusion of the comedones. Retin-A brings acne plugs (blockages) to the surface causing blackheads to be dislocated. The blackheads are then discarded from the skin during cleansing. Retin-A can help control acne breakouts as well.

Indication: - acne vulgaris - wrinkle removal/anti-ageing - Hyper pigmentation. - Poor Skin Texture: from Retin-A removes dead cells increasing the exfoliation process and thereby stimulating new skin cells to improve the texture of the skin. - Preparation of skin for procedures like laser skin resurfacing and facial surgeries


Acne vulgaris: 0.1% cream Wrinkle removal: 0.05% cream

Application: Acne vulgaris: Retin-A [Tretinoin] is to be applied once daily over the affected areas in the evening, after washing with a mild alcohol-free facial cleanser. Pat the face dry before smoothing the Retin-A [Tretinoin] cream or gel on the skin. Liquid: The liquid is to be applied using a fingertip, cotton swab or a gauze pad. In case a gauze or cotton is being used then care should be taken not to over saturate it, so as to avoid the liquid to run into areas where treatment is not intended. There may be a transient feeling of irritation or warmth on the area of application. If the irritation becomes unbearable then discontinue the product and seek your physician. However there might be an unexpected apparent exacerbation of irritation during the early weeks of therapy and might be most probably due to the potency of the drug or some undetected acne lesion. Ask your physician/doctor to demonstrate on how to apply Retin-A. The doctor will also recommend a daily skincare regimen to reduce the risk of complications and enhance results to guard against increased photosensitivity; you are advised to use sunscreen every morning and throughout the day. Use it for at least 6-7 weeks. Once the lesions start responding to Retin-A, the progress can be maintained by lesser applications. Wrinkle removal: Apply sparingly to the skin's surface until it has been completely absorbed, avoiding the eyes, initially use it 5 times a week, and after that use it for about 3 times a week. Contra-indications: - acute eczema rosacea - cuts - abrasions - acute dermatitis - Eyes, nose, mouth, mucus membrane. In short, the product should be discontinued in case the patient has hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients. Warning: Gels are flammable and one should avoid fire, flame or smoking during its use. Keep out of reach of children. Keep tube tightly closed. Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 49 C. Special precautions: - Pregnancy: Pregnancy Category C. Teratogenic effects. - Lactation: It is not known whether this drug is excreted in human milk. Hence better use precaution while using this drug. - Pediatric age group: No conclusive evidence of any safety effectiveness or side effect of Retin-A on children. Hence it is better avoided. - Geriatric age group: Safety and effectiveness in a geriatric population have not been established. - Avoid concomitant therapy with conventional acne, medical or cosmetic products. - Avoid excess exposure to wind or cold since this may irritate the skin while using this medication. - While on Retin-A, use soft soaps and avoid frequent washing and hard scrubbing of the skin since dirt plays a very insignificant role in acne formation.

keratosis pilaris lactic acid

Small Bumps On My Arm

Unboxing the JynxBox Android HD mini

JynxboxAndroid HD Mini Unboxing

The JynxBox mini comes with a rather complete set of accessories in the box. The box itself is rather plain with a list of specifications printed on the sides of the box.

Inside the box is a rather complete set of accessories for the JynxBox mini. The JynxBox itself is well constructed and there are ventilation holes all around the unit. The housing seems solid and the overall impression of the quality is good.

Included together with the JynxBox mini unit is a remote control. Of note is that the box has an icon of a remote controller with the words "Motion RCU". I presume that they mean Remote Control Unit but the actual remote control unit itself is an IR remote. It does not have motion or air mouse function which I would expect if I see the word "Motion".

The remote itself is very simple with a power button and a menu button at the top. There is a directional button with an OK button in the center. Under that is a back button and the notifications button. On the left side of the remote is a volume button. At the lower end of the remote are a few holes which looked like the location for a mic. However from my testing, the holes don't seem to serve any purpose at all.

The other items in the box are a external WiFi antenna, an IR receiver, a 5V/1A USB power adapter, a micro USB cable for connecting the JynxBox mini to the power adapter, an HDMI female to female adapter and last but not least, a foot long HDMI extension cable.

The JynxBox mini unit itself is about 90 x 36 x 13mm. It has a male HDMI port on one end and on the opposite end, is a USB host port and a micro USB port for power. On the left side of the unit is the IR sensor connector and the external WiFi antenna port.

The included IR receiver plugs into the IR connector port. The receiver cable is about a meter or 3 feet long so that makes it possible to have the JynxBox mini unit plugged in to the back of the TV and have the receiver at the front of the TV. The receiver end even has a piece of sticky tape so that you can secure its position.

The WiFi antenna plugs in snugly into the antenna connector. The antenna itself can be extended to about 7 inches long and rotated around.

JynxBox mini Specifications

The JynxBox mini's Amlogic 8726 M3 1.2 GHz Cortex A9 CPU is a single core processor. It loses out in pure performance when compared to the Rockchip RK3066's dual core 1.6 GHz Cortex A9 CPU.

However, the Amlogic 8726 M3 is of particular interest to us. The Pivos XIOS is the only official Android device that is supported by the XBMC group and it runs on a Amlogic 8726-M SoC. The Pivos XIOS is also the only Android device to officially have hardware video decoding support on XBMC.

I have tested another Amlogic 8726-M device, the Tronsmart Prometheus, and I couldn't get hardware video decoding support on the device after trying out several XMBC builds on it.

Since the JynxBox mini has XBMC already installed on the unit and it has an Amlogic CPU, I have high hopes that I can get video hardware decoding on XBMC out of the box.

Besides the Amlogic CPU, the rest of the JynxBox's hardware specifications are quite standard. It has 1 GB of DDR3 RAM and 4 GB of storage ROM.

For expansion, it has 1 USB host port and a micro SD slot that supports up to 32 GB.


> OS - Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
> Chipset - Amlogic 8726 M3 1.2GHZ Cortex-A9 CPU with Mali 400mhz GPU
> Memory - 1GB DDR3 RAM
> Built-in Storage- 4GB NAND Flash Storage
> Network - WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n
> Additional Storage - MicroSD
> Video Formats - AVI/ MKV/ TS/ TP/ TRP/ MOV/ M4V/ VOB/ IFO/ DAT/ WMV/ ASF/ RM/ RMVB/ FLV/ XVID/ DIVX 3,4,5/ M2TS/ MPG/ MP4
> Audio Formats - MP3/ WAV/ AAC/ FLAC/ OGG/ WMA
> Photo Formats - JPEG/ BMP/ PNG/ GIF/ TIF
> Video/Audio Output - HDMI 1.3
> USB Ports - 1 USB Host 2.0, 1 micro USB for Power
> Size - 90mm x 37mm x 13mm

Best keyboards for the JynxBox Android HD mini

Check out the Best Wireless Keyboard for Android Mini PC article for a detailed guide.

Best Mini Wireless Keyboards for Android Mini PC
Looking for a mini wireless keyboard for your Android Mini PC? I have taken a look at the wide range of available models and narrowed them down to a list of the best keyboards.

Wireless 2.4G Bidirectional Voice Air Mouse Keyboard and Remote Control RC13

Wireless 2.4G Bidirectional Voice Air Mouse Keyboard and Remote Control RC13

The Measy RC13 is a very popular and a best seller among Android Mini PC users. It features air mouse control with built in mic and speakers on the keyboard itself.

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Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad (920-003070)

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad (920-003070)

If you prefer a full sized keyboard instead, the Logitech K400 with a large touch pad is a good choice.

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Logitech Keyboard Controller for Logitech Revue and Google TV

Logitech Keyboard Controller for Logitech Revue and Google TV

The Logitech Revue is designed for the Google TV but works great with the Android Mini PCs.

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Mele Fly Sky air mouse remote control with wireless keyboard 2.4 GHz

Mele Fly Sky air mouse remote control with wireless keyboard 2.4 GHz

The Mele Fly Sky air mouse is another good choice for an air mouse type keyboard. Another popular choice among Android Mini PC users.

Buy Now

Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard N5901

Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard N5901

If you prefer a trackball over an air mouse or touchpad control, the Lenova N5901 is recommended.

Buy Now

JynxBox Mini Performance

Boot up and initial impressions

Booting up the JynxBox mini takes over a minute which is more than twice as long as an RK3066 based device. The first time that the JynxBox mini is started, it launches a wizard that helps you setup the language, display layout and WiFi.

After being connected to my WiFi network, I got a notification that a new firmware is available for my JynxBox. This is the first time that I have ever come across an Android Mini PC device that autoupdates and it is a pleasant surprise. Updating the firmware on an Android Mini PC usually requires rooting as well as connecting the device to a PC and running the update from the PC.

The firmware update process on the JynxBox is totally painless. All I had to do was to accept the update and the update completed on its own and rebooted the device. I wish all firmware updates were this easy. I did not managed to check before the update but the updated firmware is rooted.

Once the firmware update completed, the JynxBox mini started the default Android launcher. The launcher is quite spartan with no apps or widget on the desktop at all.

A quick check on the apps page reveals that thankfully, Jynx Media did not fill up the JynxBox with tons of unnecessary apps. Besides the default Android browser, Chrome has been installed as well.

The IR remote could have benefited from a customized launcher that makes it easier to navigate using directional buttons. However, this is not a big issue as you can always replace the default launcher with a customized one from the Google Play Store. There are launchers that are designed to work with TV remotes.

The size of the remote makes it easy to hold and the buttons are not stiff like the IR remote that came with the Minix New G4. It looks and feels a lot like the Uhost U-mouse except that it is an IR remote and has no air mouse function like the U-mouse.


Since this is probably the feature that garners the most interest, I started with testing XBMC right away. The good news is that the JynxBox does have hardware video decoding support on XBMC but the bad news is that the support is via MX Player, an external video player.

Using MX Player as an external video player has been a work around to play HD videos on the Android Mini PCs. While this is generally an acceptable solution for many users, getting native hardware decoding has been the holy grail for XBMC on Android.

So on one hand, the JynxBox does allow you to play HD videos smoothly on XBMC, you can achieve the same results by installing XBMC with MX Player as an external player on most other Android Mini PCs. The only difference is that on the JynxBox Mini, XBMC and MX Player are already pre-installed.

However, XBMC is much more than just a media player and that is why it is loved by many. There are many add-ons available for XBMC that really extends the functionality of XBMC. Unfortunately, I got error messages on missing dependencies. XBMC can be quite overwhelming for a newbies but fortunately there is quite a lot of resources online to help you out. Error messages like these right out of the box scare a lot of people away even if they are easily fixable.

I managed to find a thriving JynxBox user community on the XBMChub forums with a lot of information and feedback from users. There are many who managed to get XBMC to work really well on the JynxBox but it requires a lot of experimentation and tinkering.

If you are not one of those who have the time, resources and skills to tinker around with the JynxBox and expect it to work as advertised right out of the box, the JynxBox mini is not the device for you. However if you find satisfaction in hacking and modifying your PC, the JynxBox mini can be a lot of fun.

As a media management tool and player, XBMC is among the best. It is very versatile and allows for tons of add-ons that extends the capability of XBMC. However, the Android version of XBMC still has some limitations compared to other versions and many add-ons currebtly still do not work on the Android version.


Netflix is another popular app for those who are mainly using the Android Mini PC as a media box. Unfortunately, I couldn't get Netflix to work properly on the JynxBox Mini. I first tried installing the latest version of Netflix app from the Google Play Store. Audio and subtitles work fine but I couldn't get the video. All I got is a black screen with the subtitles at the bottom.

I then reverted to an older version of Netflix (ver 1.8.1) that normally works with the Android Mini PCs I have tested. I got slightly better results. The video is vertically squeezed with vertical black bars on both sides. However, it only plays briefly when the playback controls are on screen. Once the controls get hidden, the videos disappears as well.

I initially had problems with Netflix on the Tronsmart Prometheus which also has an Amlogic CPU but it was quickly fixed by a firmware update.

(Update 4/2/13) I installed an updated firmware supplied by Jynx Media but it did not resolve the problem with Netflix. The only thing that it fixed is that the video no longer disappears when the controls get hidden on Netflix 1.8.1. The vertical bars problem and the latest Netflix not running are not resolved. Video playback on Netflix suffers from frequent slow downs or lags. Even if you can ignore the vertical bars problem, the laggy video is hard to ignore.

Firmware Stability

The current firmware for the JynxBox mini is still quite flaky and can be very unstable at times. During my initial testing, I did not install any additional apps but the JynxBox crashed on me quite a few times especially when viewing videos. The system will also become momentarily unresponsive at times.

However, there are also times that it will work flawlessly for long periods so I am not exactly sure what is causing the JynxBox to crash. Overall, the system seems a little more laggy compared to the dual core RK3066 devices.

Hopefully with the interest that the JynxBox has been generating, either the open source community or Jynx Media themselves are able to resolve these issues with a firmware update. The JynxBox mini hardware shows a lot of promise but it just needs to proper software to go along with it.

(Update 4/2/13)I have updated the firmware with an updated version from Jynx Media. The updated firmware is much more stable compared to the original. YouTube and the video player no longer crashed when playing video. The latest firmware is still Android 4.0.4 though.

WiFi Connectivity

One of the biggest issues with the Android Mini PC devices is problems with WiFi connectivity. With the external WiFi antenna on the JynxBox mini, I expected better than average WiFi connectivity.

The good news is that I did not have any problems connecting to my WiFi router that is located 1 floor down and with a couple of concrete walls in between. The bad news is that I can get much faster download speeds on my laptop computer. When I moved the JynxBox mini downstairs right next to the router, I get similar speeds as my laptop.

However, as a comparison, the Minix Neo G4 which has one of the best WiFi performance among all the Android Mini PC that I have tested gives similar performance. So while the antenna does help in getting better than average WiFi performance, it cannot compare to a laptop.



Overall, I believe that the JynxBox mini has the potential to be a great device. The design and built quality is good. The external antenna and IR sensor design shows that a lot of thought has gone into product practicality and the designers are responsive towards feedback from users.

However, the JynxBox mini has been let down by firmware that is not up to mark. XBMC functionality is crippled and will require substantial tinkering before you can get most of the features to work properly.

These issues can however be easily resolved with a new updated firmware. The ease of firmware update is a big plus for the JynxBox mini.

The Good

  • Firmware update is fully automated and really easy.
  • External antenna feature gives WiFi performance similar to Neo G4.
  • IR sensor extension cable allows sensor to be placed properly.
  • Latest firmware is rooted.
  • XBMC and MX Player already installed.
  • Design and quality of the JynxBox mini looks good.
  • The user community support is strong so the potential for the software problems being fixed is high.

The Bad

  • Single core Amlogic 8723-M3 Cortex A9 CPU seems laggy when compared to dual core RK3066 CPU
  • Latest firmware is still buggy with occasional crashes.
  • XBMC add-ons not working properly.
  • Does not support hardware video decoding on XBMC. Requires external player.
  • Slow boot up at over 1 minute
  • No customized launcher designed for use with the IR remote
  • Netflix does not work.

The Ugly

  • Waving the IR remote around and wondering why the cursor wasn't moving.

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Cream For Bumps On Face

Beauty is the possession that can make anyone rich; even if a person is not financially wealthy, money brings the person in the queue of affluent folk. But, it's very difficult to hold this beauty. It requires your continual pampering. With innovation, way of skin-care has also changed. It has taken a technological flight now which has introduced numerous sorts of face creams in the market. These face creams helps you to keep your skin healthy and glowing. But, the most difficult question arises here, which face cream to use? If you are being puzzled on the same, read on. The article gives you a brief on which face cream is best for use.

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It is also suggested to use skin creams with sunscreen. These face creams save your facial skin from any possible burn or irritation as ultra violet rays available in the skin may cause skin inflammation.
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Use of face cream has always been an argumentative issue in the beauty world. But always, natural face creams has emerged as the winner. Not only commoners but also skin specialists suggest to use cream with 100% natural ingredients. There are many face cream manufacturers which are into manufacturing of natural creams. Many manufacturers also make Vitamin E enriched cleansers to support effects of skin creams. Get glowing with your skin, use right face cream.

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Keratosis Pilaris Treatment For Face

We characterize human beings by their intelligence but there are people who feel that looks are also important. Good looks not only mean an attractive body or face but a healthy and problem free body too. Men should not have breast because it is not natural. Male breast is a result of fat accumulation in the chest region. As it is a problem, it can be solved through some basic exercises.

Minimizing fat from the chest region of men has some effective but simple exercises like Jumping jacks and push-ups. Jumping jacks can be performed with help of gym machines like that one would even find in school gyms. Push-ups are the best for reduction of male breast but it leads to increase in weight at first. It should not be a matter of worry then as the chest muscles will later became stiff by losing the excess fat. Push-ups are so worthy that it also helps in strengthening muscles of the arms, belly region and wrist. Male breast of some reach such dangerous heights that they have to take up the option of surgery. Surgery should be the last option as it is quite complicated and attaches operation near the heart, which is quite dangerous. Surgery has many side effects that create complications in the end.

Getting a better chest is not all for getting a good look. The part of the body someone would first see is the face. Therefore, if the face is not good looking in that case the impression on others will not be quite powerful. Face has many reasons for not seeming nice. Firstly, there can be ample number of acnes. Secondly, the skin of the face may be tanned. These problems can be solved through face treatment. It involves using of different types of creams, face powders, etc.

Using fairness creams can be helpful as it makes the skin fairer and brings a glow on the face. Washing the face daily with face washes forms a good way of face treatment. It does not allow the pimples, black heads, acnes, etc to appear on the face. Using moisturizer for dry skins helps the face to remain wet and does not allow cracking of the skin because of dryness. It also helps to keep the skin younger until an old age as wrinkles do not appear easily. The face treatment should also include using of sunscreen cream. It helps the skin by not allowing it to be tanned.

keratosis pilaris treatment for face

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