Lotion On Face

Everyone dreams of having a perfect skin. But unfortunately not everyone is that blessed to get that. Basically there are four different types of skin:

Normal Skin

Dry Skin

Oily Skin

Sensitive Skin

Except normal skin, every other skin requires some extra care to be taken. Dry skin tends to become too dry and oily skin tends to become too oily. But in the case of sensitive skin, there are too many factors that affect it and damage it. Sensitive skin can affect any part of your body. However the parts which it affects the most include your face, hands, arms and legs. Some symptoms of sensitive skin include appearance of broken red veins on cheeks and nose, reddening of skin in patches as a side-effect of many skin care products and shaving products. Your skin may suddenly turn red and tighten when it is exposed to direct heat or sunlight. And at times when your skin comes in contact with certain products, you experience irritating and general itchiness of the skin.

There are many causes for your skin becoming too sensitive. One of major reasons is stress. You should never underestimate the effects of stress on your body and take it lightly. Constant changes in the weather and extreme changes in the atmosphere can reduce the moisture in the air and can cause imbalance in the oil levels of your skin making it extra sensitive. Another important cause is age. Age can have a huge effect on your skin. People of different ages have different hormone reactions affects the amount of oils in your skin. Even the usage of dyes and fragrances affect your sensitive skin a lot. They contain a lot of artificial and chemical products which irritate your skin and harm it. Even heavy pollution has a fair affect on your skin. When there is heavy pollution, the dirt and the dust in the atmosphere gets build up on the skin which interferes the secretion of protective oils from the glands or either causes excessive secretion resulting in oily skin. People are not aware of this but bad eating habits and having excessive amounts of baths and showers can aggravate the damage to your skin. Last but one of the major causes of sensitive skin is long use of cosmetics, prolonged use of cosmetics, using low quality cosmetics and using the wrong cosmetics. Certain cosmetic products block the pores of the skin and make the condition worse.

This type of skin care requires appropriate skin care body lotion and skin care sensitive skin. So to meet all your skin are requirements including skin care body lotion and skin care sensitive skin, we have a wide range of products to soothe your skin and to improve it day by day following the usage of our products. Moreover we offer huge discounts on bulk orders skin care body lotion and skin care sensitive skin products. We also offer the best skin care products which can make your skin clearer, smoother, and more youthful looking can be found right here. If you want to look your best, it all starts with serious skin care with us.

lotion on face

Keratosis Pilaris Treatment For Adults

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a difficult illness to diagnose. Without professional medical care, it can also be a difficult condition to manage. ADHD is more easily diagnosed in children than in adults. Adults who suffer from ADHD may experience or exhibit symptoms including but not limited to hyperactivity and inattention, difficulty starting and staying focused on tasks, poor short term memory and organizational skills, and impulsive behaviors. Fortunately, effective ADHD adults treatment plans have come a long way over the years. Advances in medical science offer new hope for adults struggling to manage the disease.

Approximately 4 percent of U.S. adults suffer from ADHD. In adults, the condition can disrupt relationships with family, friends, and coworkers; lower productivity; and decrease a persons quality of life. ADHD is a neurobiological disorder and as such it can affect a persons cognitive, physical, psychological, and neurological functions. However, advancing medical sciences and state of the art technologies now allow neuroscientists the opportunity to look at a persons brain, and map and improve brain function.

Brain mapping technology analyzes brain waves and can help identify if and what parts of the brain are not functioning properly. Once this is determined, as is the case with most ADHD patients, brain scans can take a further look into the brain to determine brain activity and how it is functioning. Biofeedback and neurofeedback can then help improve brain function by monitoring physiological activities that occur in conjunction with moods, thoughts, and behavior.

This type of treatment, known as a dual diagnostic approach because it focuses on the neurological and psychological aspects of the disease, helps provide a more well-rounded and complete management plan for adults with ADHD. Medications only mask symptoms and do nothing to address the underlying cause of the symptoms. Therapy can help patients better organize and focus their lives but on its own does not address the physical and neurological factors of the disease. Holistic treatment plans that look at the body as whole and address all of its functions together provide a better chance for successful management.

Advanced centers specializing in neurosciences can provide full service ADHD adults treatment plans. These centers do more than just address the symptoms of ADHD, they use advanced neuroscience technology to identify the origins of the dysfunction in the patients brain and help provide a resolution for the underlying triggers that cause the symptoms. This allows for successful and permanent management of adult ADHD.

keratosis pilaris treatment for adults

Keratosis Pilaris Glycolic Acid

A glycolic acid peel is a safe, quick and easy way to deal with many skin's abnormalities like wrinkles, marks, scars, to improve skin texture and to fight aging signs. Due to its fast treatment, it is called 'lunchtime' peel. When done properly, glycolic acid peel can dramatically improve the look of your skin. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment to refine texture of the skin and improve appearance by revealing healthy and fresh skin layer and radiant complexion.

How Glycolic Acid Peel Works

Glycolic acid peel removes the thin top skin layer by shedding the damaged and dead skin cells. When this layer is removed, fine lines, wrinkles, aging signs, skin discoloration and other skin defects will also fade away or disappear completely. Sometimes, glycolic acid peel treatment is combined with microdermabrasion. Different concentration of glycolic acid is used according to the prevailing conditions.

If glycolic acid peel has to be performed on the face, the face has to be cleansed first then the acid is applied on the target area. The glycolic acid solution is followed by a neutralizing solution. For a certain time, the acid is left at the face before washing off. The whole process can last around 35 to 45 minutes. The good thing with this treatment is that the patient can go back to normal routine soon after the treatment.

How Beginners should start the Glycolic Acid Peel Treatment

Those who are new to glycolic acid peel should start with a relatively mild peel, say about 35% glycolic solution. If you use a milder solution, 10 - 20%, the response will be very weak but the treatment will not be harsh. When you have to remove acne scars, deep wrinkles or other blemishes, 35% concentration is actually the bare minimum to work with. The solution of this concentration is relatively safe and effective at the same time. Beginners can take a start with 35% solution without having to worry for any undesirable side effects. Just follow the instructions carefully to ensure you get the desired results.

keratosis pilaris glycolic acid

Keratosis On Face

Countdown to Earth Day

Earth Day: April 22, 2014

The march of the lady bugs

Face painting checklist

Eight tips to paint a ladybug face

Even if you're going to do something as simple as painting a ladybug on someone's face, it's good to have a plan. Maybe you have your own ideas of what a ladybug should look like. Maybe not. Perhaps you'd like to see what others have done with the common garden ladybug. Here's a quick overview.
  1. Study real ladybugs so you know their basic structure.
  2. Find inspiration from many sources such as toys, decor, books, art, photographs, and even real life.
  3. Decide on a face painting design.
  4. Make a quick sketch of your idea and block out the colors.
  5. Watch the face painting videos to see how others have applied the makeup and what tools and makeup they have used.
  6. Gather the makeup and tools you plan to use.
  7. Begin face painting. (You may or may not want to video yourself painting.)
  8. When you're finished, take a photograph of the ladybug face.

Famous celebrity ladybug is a grouch

The Grouchy Ladybug is a favorite children's book character

Not all ladybugs are smiling. Yes, they are cute, sweet, and adorable, but not everyone sees them that way. Certainly not Eric Carle, a picture book author who wrote a story about a very grouchy one. Over the last twenty years, she's spread her wings. Today our celebrity bug is not only found in books but in toys, videos, and puppetry. She is one very famous but still grouchy ladybug.
The Grouchy Ladybug

The Grouchy Ladybug

by Eric Carle

The Grouchy Ladybug is 20 years old. If you haven't read this children's classic, then maybe it's about time you did.

Buy Now

Where to find Ladybug faces

Draw your inspiration from many different places.

Study real ladybugs

Sources for face painting designs are everywhere

The best inspiration is the real ladybug
When it comes to painting a ladybug's face, the best way to start is by looking at the real live insect. If you don't have any in your backyard, then photography is your next best bet.

Photographs are everywhere
Photographers love the bugs, too. You can tell simply by the large number of great photographs of ladybugs that are available on the Internet. A simple Google image search will provide you with hours of photos to study and give you a real idea of the basic structure of a realistic ladybug.

  • Image Credit: Dinner on Pollen by Harald Hoyer from Schwerin, Germany (Dinner on PollenUploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Toymakers love ladybugs

Some ladybug faces are exagerrated

The plush toys have sweet faces
Children love ladybugs so toy makers love them, too. You'll find a never-ending source of ladybugs to gather even more ideas for your ladybug face. In addition you'll begin to identify the main components and identify the elements you like. Not all ladybugs are red. Some are orange or a yellow-orange.

My Pillow Pets Miss Lady Bug 11"

This pillow has a cute face. The cheeks are full, the antennae look like they have pompom tips. Talk about a big smile. This almost looks like a ladybug clown face.

Buy Now

Masks provide the garden bug face with a sense of style

Want to paint a dramatic ladybug face?

Create a mask with flair
Every Halloween children and adults dress up like ladybugs so costume makers always have masks available. Masks are interesting because they can offer you various stylistic approaches to the ladybug's face.
Como Black Red Foam Ladybug Shape Face Mask for Children

Como Black Red Foam Ladybug Shape Face Mask for Children

This is an interesting face and you almost miss the smile. Here you find a different color combination. The ladybug's face is black, too--very dramatic.

Buy Now

Faces on ladybug teapots are full of whimsy

Prefer more playful face painting designs?

These teapots are colorful and fun
Ladybug teapots are perennial favorites and you'll always find them for sale online at Amazon and eBay in addition to department stores and even vintage and antique shops. Often they are whimsical, so you can get a real sense of creating a playful ladybug face by looking at various tea pots like this one featured below.
Large 42 Oz Ladybug Teapot For Kitchen Decor

Large 42 Oz Ladybug Teapot For Kitchen Decor

Who wouldn't want to have this Miss Ladybug teapot? Talk about whimsical and playful. She's bound to make you smile. I love the rose colored blush on those big plump cheeks.

Buy Now

Look to garden art for fun faces

There are many different face painting designs

Garden ladybugs have style
Gardeners love these bugs, too, because the dainty insects feast on aphids, a gardener's curse. A good gardener will always encourage ladybugs to stay in her garden. You'll find a lot of styles when it comes to ladybugs as garden decor. The ladybug girl below is just one.
Regal Art & Gift 10015 Ladybug Girl Garden D cor, Large

Regal Art & Gift 10015 Ladybug Girl Garden D cor, Large

What a sweet, smiling face this girl has. So round. So curly. You can get some real ideas here on how to add different brush strokes to play out the ladybug face painting design.

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Face Painting Supplies

Makeup and face painting supplies and kits

Have an Earth Day face painting party

Face painting supplies, face painting kits, even face paint sticks

Go small or go big. Once you've painted one ladybug face, why not do another? What if you were to have a ladybug face painting party? A face painting party is a great way to celebrate Earth Day and definitely counts as an Earth day activity. You can even make it part of a larger project featuring ladybugs.

Check out these supplies and kits. You'll find everything you need to share the ladybug love using a face painting activity. Imagine all those sweet ladybug faces smiling up at you. What fun.

Face Paint Sticks Face Paint Sticks
Snazaroo 8 Color Sparkle Face Paint Pallet Snazaroo 8 Color Sparkle...
Snazaroo Face Painting Kit, Rainbow Snazaroo Face Painting Ki...
Snazaroo Ultimate Party Face Painting Kit Snazaroo Ultimate Party F...
Face Painting Mini Starter Set Face Painting Mini Starte...

Ready to try your hand at face painting?

Maybe a face painting kit can help you get your started

If you've never tried your hand at face painting, the Klutz Face Painting kit is a great resource. Plenty of ideas to stimulate your creativity or that of your child's as well as a great book full of fun painted faces.
Face Painting (Klutz)

Face Painting (Klutz)

by Editors Of Klutz

Everything you need to get started. Kids can paint other kids, kids can paint themselves, or parents can dab a little paint on their child's face to create that cool ladybug. Do recommend Klutz kits.

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How to paint a ladybug face

Face painting tutorials

Learn how to paint a simple ladybug face

powered by Youtube

Easy ladybug face painting

Ladybug face painting tips and ideas

powered by Youtube

How to make a ladybug

Ladybug costume and face painting ideas

powered by Youtube

Create a ladybug face with makeup

You'll have to read the English subtitles but it works.
powered by Youtube

Become a ladybug

Use these ladybug makeup tips to create the ultimate lady bug look

powered by Youtube

How about some Ladybug Lips!

Fun ladybug makeup tutorial and ladybug face painting design

You can play with this and create ladybug lips for any age.
powered by Youtube

How to create fun ladybug eye makeup

Great ladybug face painting idea

powered by Youtube

Ladybug face crown makeup

Fast and easy way to do ladybug makeup

The first one is of a dolphin. The second one is the ladybug crown.
powered by Youtube

Keep your ladybug face painting makeup together



Now you know you need a ladybug cosmetic bag to keep all the face painting supplies handy.

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More on Ladybugs

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keratosis on face

Keratosis Pilaris Body Wash

When houses, city planning to how big your kitchen garden should be and everything else going green, can the human body be ignored? The question itself does not arise. True to expectations, the store shelves are overflowing with so many different types and kinds of herbal body wash, each vying for y our coveted attention. There is simply far too much to pick and choose from and the valued customer is not at all complaining.

Herbal products are time honoured and time tested and render flawless results with no side effects!

It is a time honoured as well as a time tested belief that anything that is derived or obtained from nature's manifold gifts has to be perfect for your health and hygiene. Herbal body wash is no exception to this rule. Herbs, fruits and vegetables form an irresistible source for the safe, rich and lasting nourishment that our body requires and deserves. It will also receive it as well. With so many herbal body wash and bubble wash to choose from, the valued customer is really spoiled for choice, if anything.

There are several players in the beauty and personal care sector who have devoted themselves to the job of producing high quality herbal body wash. What is more, most of these names have a presence online as well. Online retailing of herbal body wash and the other related products such as herbal face wash, herbal shampoo, aromatic bubble bath, moisturizers, etc has really picked up momentum in the last three to five years and its share of the total market only seems to be growing higher and higher.

Established brand names and plenty in terms of flavours to choose from as well!

Amway, Herbal Life, Craffts.co m are among the top few online enterprises that have more than made a name for themselves recently. Khadi products are without a doubt a great hit among the valued customers as well.

There is a rich and irresistible array of flavours available as well. You can have your herbal body wash based on jasmine, lavender, tulsi, orange, green apple, neem and so many other highly nutritive and considered as extremely good for the skin and our respective organs that you would find it very difficult to decide and zero in on the right one.

You can check out the Alluring Body Wash that has been created using lemon grass and orange or the Aromatic Bubble Bath that has been sourced from jasmine and lavender.

keratosis pilaris body wash

Keratosis Pilaris Before And After

To World Blood Donor Day

Countdown to World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day: June 14, 2012

Do You Donate Blood?

How Often?

How Often You Donate Blood?

Show the poll results

First Blood Transfusion

The Very First Documented Blood Transfusion Was On June 15,1667,by Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denys, eminent physician to King Louis XIV of France.He transfused the blood of a sheep into a 15-year old boy, who survived the transfusion.

Why Donate Blood?

Why Blood Donation is Important

* Donate Blood To Save Lives

People suffering from diseases like hemophilia or sickle-cell disease or thalassemia requires frequent blood transfusion.Your blood donation can save their lives and what would be better feeling in this world than that you saved someone's life.

*Donate Blood For Your Own Health

Excess Of blood in our body can lead to excess of iron.This iron result in formation of free radicals,which damage body cells and tissues.These free radicals can also become cause of many life-threatening diseases like cancer and several heart diseases

*Donate Blood To Reduce Body Fat

Blood Donation reduces the extra calories and reduce cholesterol level and fat in your body.The Decrease in red blood cells,after blood donation, result in decrease of calories count and fat.Our body reproduces new red blood cells and thus refreshes the whole body system.

*Donate Blood To Know Better About your blood and body

Before blood donation several test are carried out to make sure that the donor is not suffering from hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Syphilis, HIV/AIDS and malaria.Also your blood pressure,hemoglobin level and weight is checked to make sure that your body is in healthy conditions for donating blood.Thus you can keep a check on your body health.

Types Of Blood Donation

Blood Donation Types

There are 3 types of blood donation based on the recipient and donor relationship :-

1. If Donor gives blood to a blood bank for transfusion to unknown recipient than it is called allogeneic (or homologous) Donation.

2. If Donor gives blood to specific individual (often family member of friend) than it is called Directed Donation.

3. The Hybrid of above two donation is called Replacement donation.

Different Body Products are used for different uses.

Blood product

Main uses

Whole blood

Open heart surgery, newborns

Red blood cells

Trauma, anemia, surgery


Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy

Fresh frozen plasma

Massive transfusions





What Blood Types Can Donate To What Blood Types


Below is a chart that shows the distribution and requirement of several blood types.Group O is often cited as the "universal donor" but this only refers to red cell transfusions. For plasma transfusions the system is reversed and Group AB is the universal donor type.

Blood Type

Distribution of Blood Type in U.S. Population*

Percent of U.S. Population You Can Receive Red Blood Cells From

Percent of U.S. Population You Can Give Red Blood Cells To





O -








A -








B -








AB -




*Distribution may be different for specific racial and ethnic groups.

Before Blood Donation

Prepare Yourself To Donate Bloood

Before Donating blood make sure that your body is in healthy conditions plus your donation goes by all the rules and laws of your country.

Minimum Health Conditions Required To Donate Blood :-

Your Hemoglobin level Should Not Be Low. Your Blood pressure Should Not Be Low.You Must not be suffering from hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Syphilis, HIV/AIDS and malaria.

Age and Weight Requirements :-

Your age and weight should be according to the rules and laws of your country for blood donation.Minimum age in most of the countries is 18 years and minimum weight is 110 lbs./50 kg.There is no specific rule for how old to donate blood.Many scientific experiments have proved that blood donation in old age re-energizes the donor.

Can You Donate Blood With a Tattoo :-

The Short Answer is Yes.The American Red Cross Tattoo Eligibility Guidelines for blood donation are as follows :-

"Wait 12 months after a tattoo if the tattoo was applied in a state that does not regulate tattoo facilities. This requirement is related to concerns about hepatitis. Acceptable if the tattoo was applied by a state-regulated entity using sterile technique. Only a few states currently regulate tattoo facilities, so most donors with tattoos must wait 12 months after tattoo application before donating blood. You should discuss your particular situation with the health historian at the time of donation."

How Much Blood Can you Donate :-

For Health measures and safety many blood drives asks for 1 pint (450 ml.) of blood from healthy person.An Adult Body has averag 10-12 pints of blood so it won't make any difference after blood donation.A Very Small percentage may feel temporary dizziness.

Things To Do Before Blood Donation


* Do not Donate blood for 24 hours,if you had a minor dental procedure.

* Drink A Lot of Water ( 6- 8 Glass) Before Donating Blood. (Follow This If you are donating plasma or platelets)

* Do Not Drink caffeinated drinks and other liquors as it will cause your body to repel water.

* Eat 3 Hours Before blood donation.

* Do not eat fatty foods and fast food 24 hours before donating blood.

* Eat Iron Rich Food Like rread, Muffins,Cereal,Water Melon, Strawberries, Bananas,Raisins, Dates, Prunes, Figs, Dried Apricots,Dark Leafy Greens and spinach FOR TWO WEEKS before blood donation.

* Drink healthy drinks and juice like Prune Juice, Tomato Juice, and Apple Juice.

Blood Donation Facts

* Every two seconds someone needs blood.

* Shelf life used for platelets is seven days.

* RBC have a shelf life of 35-42 days at refrigerated temperatures

* Plasma can be stored frozen for year

After Blood Donation

What To Do And What Not To Do

* Rest For 5 - 20 Minutes on donation site after donating blood.

* Drink Water,Juice and light snack with high sugar so that you can recover your blood sugar.

* Avoid Works that require lots of physical attention,so that you don't faint.

* Eat Healthy Food (Continue with your diet that you followed before blood donation,mentioned above) For 1 week to recover red blood cells.

* Don't Drive after blood donation,in case you faint.

* Keep a check on your health.

* Don't exercise (Avoid Running bicycling and swimming) for 24 hours after donating blood.

* The healthy time period between two consecutive blood donation should be minimum of 56 days (8 weeks).

* Avoid consuming alcohol until you have eating something

* Don't smoke for next 30 minutes.

* If fainting or dizziness occurs, either lie down or site with the head between the knees

* If there is bleeding from the phlebotomy site, raise the arm and apply pressure

* Remove bandage next day and Resume all normal activities if no symptoms occur

Peace Love Blood Donation

Funny Dark T-Shirt by CafePress

Could not locate item B004HQBNKO. Please try again.

Sorry, there are no results available from Amazon.

James Harrison

Man With Golden Arm

James Harrison

James Harrison (Order Of Australia Medal Winner) Holds the world record of maximum number of blood donations (at least 1000 times) in his entire life.He is Australian and was born in 1935.

The Birth of The Noble Cause :-

At the age of 13, he underwent a major chest surgery to extract a lung with metastasized pneumonia, and required 13 liters of blood. After surgery, he was in the hospital for three months. Realizing that the blood had saved his life, he made a pledge to start donating blood as soon as he turned eighteen.

A Blood Donor Who Saved Two Million Babies :-

After Few Donations he discovered that his blood contained a rare antibody that prevents infants who receive his blood from dying of Rhesus disease, a deadly form of anemia.The uniqueness of his blood also created the Anti-D vaccine. When he originally began donating blood, his life was insured for one million dollars.His blood has helped to save around two million babies with hundreds of thousands of women being treated with his antibodies.

Sign Up For Blood Donation

Some Famous Blood Donation Agencies

Dera Sacha Sauda
I Donate Blood After Every 6 Months to this spiritual Organization.Dera Also Holds the world record of Biggest Blood Drive.
American Red Cross
The ARC provides about 45% of transfused blood in the US.
United Blood Service
A member of ABC, also has a national presence, especially in the West.
America's Blood Centers
A major network of non-profit community blood centers founded in 1962 Most of the independent blood centers on this list are ABC members, and these account for approximately half of the US blood supply

American Red Cross Logo

Vinyl Decal Bumper Sticker 3"x6"

Could not locate item B004GIZ1N8. Please try again.

Sorry, there are no results available from Amazon.

Donating Blood

A Video From Youtube

Donating Blood | Myles Dyer & Charlie McDonnell
by Myles Dyer | video info

386 ratings | 14,355 views

Donating Blood: http://www.givelife.org http://www.blood.co.uk Check out Charlie @ http://www.charlieissocoollike Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/blade376 Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/blade376 Live Show - http://www.stickam.com/blade376 Podcast - http://audioboo.fm/channel/podcast376

curated content from YouTube

The Gift Relationship: From Human Blood to Social Policy

A Book About Blood Donation

The Gift Relationship: From Human Blood to Social Policy

The Gift Relationship: From Human Blood to Social Policy

by Richard Morris Titmuss
Buy Now

In Italy, blood donors receive the donation day as a paid holiday from work.

A Quiz On Blood Donation

Check your Knowledge


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keratosis pilaris before and after

Keratosis Pilaris Treatment For Children

Palestine Children's Relief Fund helps children injured by war

Children like these....

Children Injured by War

Middle Eastern children injured by war. These children received treatment in Dubai in 2009 and 2010. At the MedCare Hospital, Dr. Marc Sinclair performed orthopedic surgery on 17-year-old Safaa Fahmawi. Also three teenagers from Gaza were helped: Mohammed El Ejla, 14, who lost a leg and an arm during bombing in January, 2009, Taghreed Abu Helo, 17, from the Breij Refugee camp, who lost her leg in an accident, and Khalil Al Jadeily, 16, who lost both legs from the bombing of his home in January 2009. Photo from the PCRF Newsletter, used by permission of Steve Sosebee.

The Palestine Children's Relief Fund makes medical help available to sick and injured children in Palestine and other Middle Eastern countries. The intent is to provide access to specialized surgery. Over 800 children have been treated outside the Middle East since 1991 through the efforts of the Palestine Children's Relief Fund. This is the main organization sending Palestinian children to North American for surgery.

This is a registered non-political, non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization established in the USA in 1991. The organization provides plastic and reconstructive surgery, pediatric and adult cardiac surgery, pediatric urology, ophthalmology, vascular surgery, pediatric orthopedic surgery, and occupational therapy, plus other medical aid as needed. The organization also sends medical equipment and supplies to Gaza and the West Bank. They have sent American doctors into the region to train Palestinian surgeons and provide treatment.

At this time the Palestine Children's Relief Fund is locating free medical care for sick and injured children in Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq. Americans volunteer medical surgical aid, hospital stays, and lodging for families.

The link: Palestine Children's Relief Fund

PCRF at YouTube :: PCRF at Facebook

Palestine Children's Relief Fund Videos

Help for badly injured, sick and suffering children.

Riz Khan - Palestinian Children's Relief Fund - 18 Sep 08 - Part 1 - Hot Latest News
by HotLatestNews | video info

0 ratings | 15 views

Riz speaks with the founder of the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund, Steve Sosebee, as well as one doctor who is volunteering his time and skills to help children in the US. In any war it is usually the smallest victims who suffer the most, and this has been the case in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Hundreds of children have been physically and psychologically damaged by bombs, sniper fire and missile attacks, but often left without adequate medical treatment. The Palestinian Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) was established in 1991 to address the medical and humanitarian crisis facing Palestinian youth. Since then it has expanded to help suffering children in other Middle Eastern nations, improve the quality of medical care by sending in medical equipment and supplies into the West Bank and Gaza Strip and training Palestinian surgeons. The PCRF currently has several sick or injured Arab children the Middle East, Europe and here in the US who are being treated for free. - Hot Latest News - Watch more on http://fastlatestnews.com

  • Riz speaks with the founder of the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund, Steve Sosebee, as well as one
  • Riz speaks with the founder of the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund, Steve Sosebee, as well as one
  • <img src="http://i.ytimg.com/vi/k7FJAtk2EMQ/0.jpg" alt="and DFTBA ( don't forget to be awesome! :)
    Please Help Samar http://www.pcrf.net/?p=6692

    please vis" title="PROJECT 4 AWESOME 2011!! - Palestine Children Relief Fund" />

  • This is a tribute video in memory of Huda Sosebee, the Head Social Worker of the Palestine Children'
  • The Palestine Children's Relief Fund is a registered non-political, non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt o
  • Bishop Desmond Tutu endorses the work of the Palestine Children's Relief Fund. Excerpt: Thousands of
  • After years of planning and months of construction, the doors for the new pediatric ICU finally open
  • In 2006, The PCRF opened a brand new, fully-equipped pediatric ICU in Makassed Hospital on the Mount
  • Khalil Madhoun was brought for free treatment at the Cleveland Clinic after suffering a gunshot to h
  • 11 year-old Hussein Yasser was brought from Iraq to the US for cost-free plastic surgery in Arizona.
curated content from YouTube

Why I created this page

Great sympathy for innocents in a war zone...

Like millions of others world-wide, I was deeply grieved and saddened by the suffering of children during the military conflict between Israel and Palestine in January 2009. For days I felt distressed, thinking there was nothing I could do to help.

Then inspiration came to me -- to look for a charity helping those children. I found the Palestine Children's Relief Fund -- which sends doctors to help injured children not only in Palestine, but in Iraq and Lebanon too. It also brings children to the USA for surgery. This charity was exactly what I needed to be able to do my small part to help, even though I'm thousands of miles away.

Thank you, Palestine Children's Relief Fund, and all the doctors, other medical personnel, and hospitals, for helping these precious injured and traumatized children of whatever nationality they may be.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

By Ilan Pappe, Israli historian, Haifa, Israel

The Ethnic Cleansing of PalestineAuthor Ilan Pappe, a well-known author and historian at Haifa University in Israel, accuses the State of Israel of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity starting with the war for independence in 1948, continuing to the present day. He calls David Ben-Gurion the "architect of ethnic cleansing" forcing the indigenous population of 800,000 Palestinians to leave their homes during 1948 and 1949. He wrote in detail about destruction and depopulation of many villages and expulsion of thousands from their homes.
The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

by Ilan Pappe
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Children of War: Voices of Iraqi Refugees

Children of War: Voices of Iraqi Refugees

by Deborah Ellis
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The Forgotten Palestinians: A History of the Palestinians in Israel

The Forgotten Palestinians: A History of the Palestinians in Israel

by Ilan Pappe
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Nurses in War: Voices from Iraq and Afghanistan

Nurses in War: Voices from Iraq and Afghanistan

by Elizabeth Scannell-Desch, Mary Ellen Doherty
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Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel's War Against the Palestinians

Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel's War Against the Palestinians

by Noam Chomsky, Ilan Pappe
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Help for children injured in war

...and Palestine information and elucidation.

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Helping Palestinian children with medical needs.
Little Wings | Charity
This charity has helped the Palestine Children's Relief Fund by flying sick and injured children to hospitals where they can receive needed treatments.
Israeli and Palestinian Conflict
This page shares information, videos and polls concerning this conflict.
The Palestinian Information Center
PIC aims to promote awareness about Palestine, the Palestinians and the Palestinian issue and to balance the often distorted picture presented in the mainstream media.
Child victims in Gaza, January 2009
Photographs of some of the children killed in the war in Gaza.
Children of Gaza: stories of those who died and the trauma for those who survived
Rory McCarthy reports from Gaza City on the individual stories of some victims and the physical and psychological toll on an estimated 350,000 Palestinian youngsters.
Border guards turn away team including British medics - July 7, 2009
Doctors had planned to perform surgeries on children.

Commentary on the 2008-2009 attack on Gaza by Israel

Written by Squidoo authors in 2009.

Gaza Under Siege
Information on Gaza and its history.
Was the war on Gaza justifiable?
Should there be a war on Gaza?
History of Gaza
Why is there so much hatred between the peoples of Israel and Palestine?
Israel Invasion of Gaza
Commentary on the Israeli attack on Gaza.

keratosis pilaris treatment for children

Keratosis Definition

Video conferences serve a variety of purposes in modern society. You could use a video conference to stay in touch with a loved one who is far away on work or in the military. Video conferences can also be used to chat with important businessmen and to set up meetings when the other person can't make it in person. Finally, video conferences are also great ways for friends to have a good time together without being with each other in person. There are a lot of opportunities to use video conferencing, and high-definition video conferencing will do the job better than standard definition will.

High-definition video conferencing has several advantages of standard definition. The first and most pronounced distinction is often in the clarity of the streaming of the video. Standard definition videos tend to skip around a lot, and they also often become blurry very easily. HD video conferencing is always much clearer and crisp. There won't be any lags in the picture quality, and if all parties involved are using HD video conferencing, then the video will look great the entire time.

Another very obvious upgrade from standard definition videos for conferences and high-definition videos is the sound quality. The microphones inside of high-definition video cameras tend to produce much finer sound quality, so that the video is not only clearer visually, but audibly as well. Standard definition cameras often have lower-quality microphones that can make the voices sound choppy and disorganized, just like the videos from standard definition video cameras often are.

The reasons that these upgrades are so important are numerous. To begin with, the audible and visual clarity of conferencing calls can make the difference between proper communication and poor communication. Imagine a business meeting complete with charts, graphs, sales figures and other important pieces of information where the picture is blurred and the sounds are unclear. How would you be able to communicate with your business partners effectively if you can't properly read the props they have or understand what they are saying? Standard definition video conferences are often a recipe for disaster for businessmen for these reasons.

If you have husband or wife that travels a lot, you would like to see their face every once in a while, wouldn't you? With phones calls, you could always get high-quality audio conversations, but high-definition video conferences can be even better, since you'll get to see and hear the person at the same time. Good videos and audio on your camera will make that experience much better than choppy standard definition video conferences. The full experience of getting back in touch with your traveling loved one can't be had with standard definition videos.

Many groups of friends enjoy video conferencing with each other as well. Nothing would ruin a good social event online more quickly than substandard video feeds and indecipherable audio malfunctions on cheap microphones. To be able to communicate with your friends more effectively, you would need high-definition video conferencing with better cameras. These cameras make great gifts for anyone any time of the year if they like to stay in touch this way.

High-definition video conferencing is the way to go for any purpose. If you're going to use videos to chat and see the people you care about or to talk business, you may as well give it the best shot you can.

keratosis definition

Skin Cream

We know by now that natural products might not always contain all natural ingredients. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for regulating the cosmetic industry, however, it is nearly impossible for them to control the use of words on labels such as natural, hypoallergenic, or doctor recommended. Actually, the FDA only involves itself with the cosmetic industry when there is a product or ingredient that is deemed dangerous. Therefore, it is up to the consumer to know whether the ingredients are beneficial or detrimental. You should consider your skin type as well as learn about how certain ingredients can affect you, for better or for worse.

Ingredients to Avoid

It is a good idea to try more than one skin care product before choosing the right one for your skin. This trial period is a chance to test out products in order to avoid problems with ingredients that might irritate your skin. The top three culprits in skin care creams are fragrance, color and preservatives. These additives can affect you even if you do not have sensitive skin. Plus, perfumes and dyes do not add any benefit for your skin; therefore it is always smarter to opt for fragrance-free and dye-free products.

Unfortunately, preservatives are a necessary evil in order to keep organic material from spoiling. However, there are a particular few to avoid that are known to cause allergic reactions in humans. These preservatives include formaldehyde, methylparaben, and propylparaben. These few have high risks for adverse reactions according to the Cosmetic Safe Base. Avoid these ingredients as well as aliases formalin, benzoic acid, and DMDM hyndatoin. Safer preservatives are vitamin E and vitamin C derivatives that might show up on labels as tocopheryl and ascorbic acid.

Creams for Dry Skin

To hydrate your skin it is important to choose a facial cream with an effective humectant. A humectant is a substance that attracts water to the epidermal surface and continues to maintain the skin's hydration. Some popular and effective humectants include glycerin, urea, propylene glycol, allantoin, and lanolin. Face creams for skin are also more effective with rich emollients that make your skin smooth and maintain its elasticity. Common emollients are mineral oil, dimethicone, petrolatum, and tocopheryl acetate.

Lotions for Oily Skin

Cream for faces with oily skin contain more water than oil. Water is a natural skin conditioner and often appears as the first ingredient in many oil-free or noncomedogenic products for oily skin. Instead of rich oil based emollients, search for skin care ingredients that will not block pores. Panthenol and glycerin are moisture restoring and balancing. Acne prone skin is especially responsive to acne treatment creams that contain hydroxyl acids, such as glycolic or salicylic acids.

Special Ingredient in Skin Care Creams for All Skin Types

A new organic ingredient extracted from brown garden snails, Snail Serum, has been recently studied. This natural snail serum has been proven to show amazing regenerative effects on human skin. Snail Serum has antioxidant enzymes that cleanse skin and eliminate free radicals. In addition, this serum triggers a natural increase in fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the cells responsible for creating new connective tissues such as collagen and elastin. This special ingredient also triggers the proliferation of glycosminoglycans and proteoglycans, the molecules that maintain skin moisture and heighten intracellular communication respectively. Other systems involved in the regenerative effect include the action of regulatory proteins which stimulate enzymatic activity and consequently limit the damage during wound healing and scar formation. This serum is included in particular face care creams that promise to improve rashes, signs of aging, spots, pimples, dry skin, dullness and other skin conditions. This serum has been known to be effective in healing all skin types for various different skin ailments.

Look for this serum in combination with other purely natural ingredients and enjoy beautiful skin. Face skin cream with Snail Serum is incredibly effective in treating various skin conditions in natural ways. Water intake, exercise, and a balanced diet with regular use of a natural Snail Serum product will assure healthy glowing skin.

skin cream

Keratosis Pilaris Creams

Oil and water do not mix. When creating all natural creams or lotions, something needs to be done to the oil and water based ingredients so that they can combine. Emulsion happens when water is permitted to encapsulate oil molecules with the help of another ingredient referred to as an emulsifier. A common emulsifier found in nature is lecithin. In cooking, the lecithin contained in egg yolks allows a good chef to create delicious emulsified sauces such as hollandaise or mayonnaise. Lotions and creams that are all natural care are created in the very same way.

Natural body products are carefully created with botanic ingredients and other natural ingredients such as coconut oil, with recipes that have been refined over the years. Many cultures used these recipes to create not only nourishing body creams but shampoos and numerous other body products that are natural.

Most natural creams and other natural body products are grounded in ancient traditions of either Polynesian medicine, traditional Chinese medicine or the Ayurvedic medicine of India. These fields of medicine focus on treating the entire person, not simply individual symptoms. Healers in centuries past would use a range of botanical extracts in order to treat physical disorders as well as ailments of the mind and spirit.

Massage was frequently employed as a therapy in all of these cultures. By use of natural creams and botanical emollient, these cultural healers would apply palms, elbows, single fingers, and other techniques of massage for treating headaches, and injuries such as sprains and torn ligaments. These same therapeutic massage methods were also used to help women while pregnant and during as well as after childbirth.

These traditional methods of making natural creams and lotions have been passed down for generations and are still used in some cultures today. Those companies that create and distribute natural lotions and creams use these same methods. In fact, some women make their own natural creams and lotions in their homes. These are also many brands of all nature creams and lotions at your local drugstore.

There is really never a reason to spend tons of money on soaps for the shower especially when there are all natural soaps on the market that are not only all natural but not that expensive. Most of these soaps are vegetable-based, biodegradable, organic, fair-trade certified as well as USDA-certified. You can choose from different fragrances that are natural also, such as Almond, Rose, Peppermint, and Citrus. There are also all types of lotions and creams in these wonderful fragrances.

There are many herbal skin care products naturally formulated and they make healthy skin easy to have with moisturizing natural face creams, lotions, herbal toners and cleansers, mask, face scrubs and targeted therapeutic treatments for acne, eczema, anti-aging and more. One can revitalize the face, hair, body, and skin with healthy skin care that is made with all natural nutrients and organic ingredients.

Since skin is the largest organ of the body, you would think that women would have always made use of natural creams being careful on what they put on their skin but the natural or green products have only become important to people in the last several generations. Now our shelves are lined with all natural skin creams and lotions for health and beauty, cosmetic treatments, skin disorders or conditions, daily routine and regimen for face care. Currently you can find almost any skin or face product you want in all natural brands and brands that fit your pocketbook also.

Natural creams made with MSM are considered the better creams out there as MSM is a natural anti-inflammatory and is said to be very effective for pain management. This article is about natural creams and MSM creams, their value and use.

keratosis pilaris creams